Foreign mothers and fathers working in Japan.
We, MeliaKids, will do our best to support you!

  • Want to work but cannot because there is no place to leave their children

  • I'm tired after a night shift, but I don't sleep and take care of my children.
  • I got into a licensed daycare, but the rules are strict...
  • No communication with others around them due to language barriers and no friends among children
  • I want to teach my child a minimum level of Japanese by the time he/she enters elementary school.
  • Too many rules to understand even after entering elementary school.

MeliaKids will be there for such concerns of moms and dads!

We want them to enjoy working and raising their children while leaving their children in a safe daycare center.

This requires, above all, the care and support of the most important children.

Nationality has nothing to do with a parent's feelings for their children!

With this in mind, we give priority to foreign children.

An unlicensed nursery school was opened in Oyama City.

Three things Melia Kids can help you with

About us

Children grow up really fast!

We want to rejoice with moms and dads in the daily growth of their children.

The daytime activities at the daycare center will be shared using an app (WhatsApp).

Some mothers talk with their children on videophone during breaks from work!

If you have any other concerns or worries, we can talk about them when you pick up or through the app.

Japanese language support before entering elementary school!
We incorporate a lot of Japanese language into the daily life of the preschool so that students can learn simple words and daily conversation before entering elementary school.
We are happy to report that children attending our preschool now speak more Japanese than their native language.
Children absorb things really fast.
We can help you from preparation for elementary school entrance!
When it comes time to enter elementary school, there are many things to prepare in advance.
In addition, the need to learn the rules and regulations of the community and other parents will increase.
I am sure that there are things that you may not understand or feel uneasy about due to the increase in interactions all at once.
We will support you in such cases, so you don't need to worry.
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